About Us

Lions Real Estate has a fresh approach. We strive to make all your Real Estate needs as easy & stress-free as possible.

Whether it's SELLING, LEASING or PURCHASING, you can ensure that you will be well taken care of in our office.

We are all about results!

All of the company's energy is put into marketing your property to the right prospect, helping you achieve a premium result for your home. The industry experience & knowledge backing this name can assure your real estate need is dealt with in a professional manner helping you achieve the best possible outcome.

Lions Real Estate is an agency that prides itself on trust, loyalty & good service. We make sure that you are given the right information about  your property in the current market whether its SELLING or LEASING..

Why us?

The Real Estate industry is forever changing, we understand this & have built a business model that will cater to all. Our team of professionals is always ready to assist you with any query you have.

We can SELL, LEASE or MANAGE anything, anywhere. We have a broad range of marketing tools & our team have contacts that span all over Sydney..

We hope you make the right choice & wish you the best of luck with your property.